Membership Conditions

Each member has to commit to the house rules of the International Club Association. During parties members without their membership ID will not be allowed to enter the premises. Each member is allowed to introduce one guest to each party and takes full responsibility for the behaviour of their guests. Guests need to write down their name and address in the address agenda form the ICA. Guests that are introduced three times in one year have to become a member of the ICA. After 2:00 AM no guests are allowed to enter the premises only ICA members.

For a membership of the ICA the following conditions apply:

  1. Each member has to be “internationally orientated”
  2. Each member has to behave respectful towards nationality, race or religion of other members and guests of the ICA.
  3. Each member has to behave inn a decent way, in and around the ICA.
  4. Drugs are not allowed in and around the ICA.
  5. To become an ICA member as a non-student, you have to be recommended by two other members.

The International Club aims to provide a social and sage environment for all visitors. Therefore entrance to the ICA can be refused to anybody (also to members), for instance in case of bad behaviour, drunkenness or violation of any of the conditions 2, 3, 4 or 5 as stated above. Members can also be asked to leave the premises for these reasons. The council retains its right to refuse, suspend or withdraw the ICA-membership.